"Brother at Rest"

These 8x10, limited edition prints of artist Jacob J. Neagle's painting Brother At Rest are a beautiful representation of life, death and the hope thereafter. Brother At Rest was created during the Live Art Showcase at the 30th annual clinical conference, Forum, to inspire attendees to engage their creative selves in their everyday work. 


Artist Jacob Neagle next to Brother At Rest.


From the Artist: "Coming into this performance, I had the idea of creating something abstract. But upon arrival, and meeting various medical professionals and understanding as much as I could about what each of these commendable people do for a living, I wanted to create something that channeled that and something they would all relate to. 

I decided to derive a painting from my experience living alongside my brother Joshua’s passing last October. He fought brain cancer for 4 years, and passed at the age of 29, months before his 30th birthday. It was his final few weeks I was able to travel up to Bangor, Maine to live life alongside him, and learned firsthand what hospice meant. 

My painting exemplifies what I thought heaven would be like when I was a child. A large beautiful field, filled with lush grass and at the top of this little hill was a giant, gorgeous tree, giving abundant shade to all your favorite loved ones to frolic and enjoy the rolling clouds and perfect weather. The grass and tree symbolize life, and the rolling clouds are things all can enjoy. And then there is the swing. We grew up on a farm together, and I believe it’s the simple pleasures that make up this life. I wanted to create an inviting image, one that we would be welcomed into, and perhaps, visit with our lost loved ones for if only a moment. God bless."